The Story of Gatura Greens

The story of Gatura Greens tea begun in 1959 when our grandfather, planted his first tea bush on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains, being one of the first few black people in Kenya allowed to plant tea for commercial purposes at the time.

He passed his love for tea farming to our father, who caught wind of a new development in the tea industry, Purple Tea. He found a way to get his hands on this priced possession and became Kenya’s first ever Purple Tea grower.

He then went on to build a specialty cottage tea factory in Kenya where he processes over 10 variants of tea for export, including Purple Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea Purple Tips and hibiscus tea.

Today, over six decades later, we have ventured into tea-tourism with my brother, a walking tea encyclopedia, leading the incredible Purple Tea Farm tours to give you an insight into the magical world of Gatura Greens.

Not stopping there, we went into tea value addition, sharing our family’s love for delicious specialty orthodox teas with the world through BREW IT, our luxury speciality orthodox tea line.

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